viernes, julio 16

The earthquake and you


I decreased
the bright on my screen,
as I watch your eyes
while falling asleep.

An expanding void
was breathing into me,
caressing my wishful
and uneventful heart.

Restless dream,
6.4 earthquake woke me up.
the beats inside were off the charts;
but your eyes...

Your eyes were
the perfect sight
to contemplate,
if relentless,
I might as well,


Are you ok? - I wrote.
you replied unwritable words,
the thing that does not
cease not to be written...

I felt death over my shoulders
why?, why?, why?
your ghost without its veil
struck the darkness in my room...

Did my words mean anything to you?


At the park,
the scent of the rain,
childhood cookies,
your words shattered the wall,

I was mesmerized
by the cleaness
of your eyes...

The storm brought
a gentle, yet sweet

I was reading your eyes reading,
at the heavenly palace of books,
and a little storm fell
from your eyes...

My hand was in your face,
you're beautiful face,
warm air embrace,
and finally,
all my earthquakes
in my core,
at ease they rest...